About Sacred Energy Arts Jewellery

Sacred Energy Arts: Jewellery With Purpose

Sacred Energy Arts Jewellery provides an online catalogue and shopping cart with a range of fashion jewellery, crystal jewellery and kabbalistic jewellery.

Sacred Energy Arts Jewellery was created with the purpose of bringing pieces from around the world together that are designed to help balance the physical, mental and spiritual through healing properties of crystals, gemstones and sacred symbols. With my background and passion in fashion and energy work I wanted to bring the two together. I wanted the jewellery pieces to be powerful, beautiful and I wanted them to make a fashion statement.

The quality of each piece is exquisite and the unique combinations cater to all tastes and energies of the wearer. There is even a unisex range for those spiritually enlightened men amongst us.

The items I have on offer on my website are made available to you by visionaries around the world that seek to offer you that which is innately yours to take back with freedom and choice. Through their own spiritual journeys they have put together collections of sacred gifts using crystals, gemstones and sacred symbols.

From the protective Kabbalah Red Strings, fashionable Energy Muse Collection and Prayer Beads to the high resonance pieces such as the Kabbalah Jewellery, The 72 Names of God and the Dead Sea Scroll Pendants Sacred Energy Arts Jewellery has something that will please everyone.

If you have any queries or would like to view other pieces that I don't have on the website but are available in my studio in Applecross, Western Australia, or you would like me to supply you with more information on any of the pieces please contact me.

Kindest Regards

Luciana Lapedota