Kabbalah: The Best Kept Secret Tour


The Kabbalah Centre is proud to announce an exciting, 2-hour lecture and workshop that will show you how spirituality can be practical.

Kabbalah: The Best Kept Secret is a live event that brings the power of Kabbalah to you. More than a scholarly presentation of Kabbalah, its an experience that will empower you to take your life to new heights using the secrets of this ancient wisdom.

In just 2 hours, you will learn the roots of lifes most enduring secrets and begin a journey that can change your life. A central teaching of Kabbalah is that you are destined to live a joyous, abundant life, free of chaos. We aim to show you how.

For a limited time, admission is FREE ($100 value!). But you better hurry, free admission won't last forever.

Just imagine, the chance to begin a path to the life you've always wanted and getting the answers you've been seeking. The real secrets of the universe are being revealed to you in a revolutionary live event that will inspire you to do and to be all that you are capable of.

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